The Wild

Who we are

We are The Wild; we are music makers, untethered by genre. We bring the same passion to a recording session that we do to a Brahms quartet, or a fiddle tune, or electro-acoustic experiments, or any music we play.

Every concert is an adventure

We founded The Wild because we believe in chamber music as an intimate and transformative experience, a sort of communion between artists and audiences. To us, every perfomance is a chance to communicate something that we could not otherwise communicate, and to share a unique moment in time with our audience. We also believe that composed music is for everyone; in all its range of sophistication and complexity, there is something human and relatable at its core. That means that our goal is to make every performance accessible without watering it down in any way. And we want to share that message with as many people as possible. It's a message we want to share with regular concertgoers as well as people who have little to no exposure to "classical" music.